Our Historic Clubhouse

We will widen the entrance and create a courtyard-like arrival for the front of the clubhouse. The additional space will improve traffic flow and congestion and will provide a much more elegant and impressive arrival and first impression. The upstairs interiors for the lobby, Carriage Lounge, and member dining rooms will be upgraded and remodeled to provide a more modern yet warm and welcoming environment. The Carriage Lounge will be revitalized to serve as a coffee lounge/cafe during the day and cocktail lounge in the evening, taking the best space in the club and making it the centerpiece of our historic and charming building. The main kitchen will be expanded for improved productivity, safety and capacity, which is a much needed and long overdue improvement. The new casual dining space will feature a horse shoe bar as a focal point of the space and a great setting for social interaction and for relaxing with your fellow members, friends and guests. NanaWalls (folding wall) will be installed to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, maximizing the views of the mountains and overlooking the pool.

As you walk the grounds of our new facilities, ponder which relaxing & enjoyable activity piques your interest today…

Will it be a game of doubles? A workout with your personal trainer? A nutritious meal crafted just for you? A yoga class? A good book by the pool? A session on our golf simulator? The choices are as endless as they are delicious.

The timeless elegance of our century-old clubhouse will be enhanced with a redesigned entrance to emphasize the building’s legendary place among the towering oak trees flanking it. Members can wander right next door to our new Family Activities & Wellness Center, so there’s something for every generation. This is your grandfather’s club, but also your kid’s club, and you can work in some alone time poolside for yourself.

Diablo Country Club enjoys a rich history and tradition unmatched in the region. The club is highly regarded in the community and remains a source of pride for its members. Our founder’s built “A Community with an Ideal,” a family club (the first in CA), a community steeped in values such as the kindly associations of friendships, camaraderie, lifelong relationships, family, sanctuary, health, this Diablo is a Mecca, so far and so near from a workaday world. The amenities and lifestyle envisioned in the Master Plans is built on these century old ideals that are just as relevant today as ever.

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