The court is yours

Diablo’s tennis players are some of the most social people at the club. When they aren’t hitting the courts, you can find them sharing a drink and a meal and the glorious sunshine here in our beautiful valley.

Court Sports

Tennis has been a part of Diablo from its earliest days as a country club when Robert Noble Burgess built two courts in 1916 on the land where the post office stands today. Since 1961, with the increasing popularity of the sport, seven new courts and a tennis pro shop were built in their current location at the foot of the clubhouse. Now we are adding a new fitness center to keep you at the top of your game.

Play your best game, your way

Personalized Coaching

Diablo’s personal trainers and tennis coaches will work hand in hand to get you in prime shape so you can take your game to the next level. We will craft nutritious meals to complement your workout, not to mention provide a nice round of cold drinks after that intense doubles match.

Tennis all day (and into the night)

Tennis Events at Diablo

Diablo’s tennis program features a full calendar of competitions, events and lessons for players at every level. Diablo’s tennis players enjoy a full range of social and competitive play, while offering childcare in a family-oriented setting. Diablo Country Club is the place for recreation, rejuvenation and refining strokes. Expert instruction, leagues, mixers and clinics complement our seven tennis courts, five of which have lights for night play. Our USPTA-certified tennis professionals help you find the best ways to get started in the game of tennis or to get back into it if you've been away for a while. They can also help you fine-tune your game or get you involved with the various leagues and clinics available.

We have players at literally every age and every level from four years old and our red ball group all the way up to our Thursday morning senior men's drop-in with guys playing into their late 80s early 90s. So we truly encompass every different age bracket, every level. There's something at Diablo for everyone.

Darrin Cohen
Director of Tennis
Viva Italia


Diablo Country Club has two bocce ball courts located adjacent to the Tennis Clubhouse. We’ll be expanding them to regulation size, plus installing festoon lighting and generous seating areas, complete with fire pits and comfortable outdoor lounge furniture. And our new indoor/outdoor bar will be just steps away. Through both league and at-large play, the game provides members with competition and camaraderie, and plenty of laughs.

Cardio the fun way


This is a fun way to get exercise that’s not quite as serious as tennis (although pickleball players would beg to differ). One thing many players tout about the game is the ability for older and younger players to play together competitively, especially doubles, where there's less court to cover. That fits right in with the family-friendly vibe here at Diablo.

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