The Approach

Respect for the land,

property, club & history.

For over 100 years, Diablo Country Club has been a true test of golf and recognized as one of the most desirable courses to play in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Swing of Things

Originally designed by Jack Neville and William Watson, these men went from Diablo to projects creating Pebble Beach Golf Links and the courses at the Olympic Club. The course is well suited for both walkers and electric carts, and features views of the surrounding countryside, including spectacular vistas of the mountain once owned and cared for by the club and the membership, Mt. Diablo. Diablo has served as host to Professional Exhibitions, the Northern California Open Championship, USGA Amateur Championship qualifiers and US Senior Open qualifiers.

Golf Programs

For Kids of All Ages

Our golf pros are passionate about coaching, and we’re talking about everyone from toddlers to senior citizens. We believe everyone can learn to enjoy the game of golf, especially here on the most beautiful course around.

Junior Golf Programs

Diablo Toddlers Program
Our new academy for toddlers works with three to five year olds on their hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility. The goal is to help the kids realize that golf is fun. We’ll be using bigger balls with Velcro and playing lots of games. This will be the first rung on our training ladder.

Prep Class
For kids from six to nine years old, we offer a prep class that will include a curriculum that will teach them game etiquette, rules, and all the different aspects of putting, chipping, pitching, etc. Soon they’ll be begging Mom and Dad to get out on the course!

Diablo JV Program
For ages 10 to 13, this program will be a little more intense with agility exercises, lunges, and core development. Participants will also get out on the course more so they can learn about trajectory control around the green.

The Elite Club
Our signature program will be for a select number of teens who will have two 90-minute sessions each week and two hours on the course every Saturday afternoon. Among other things, the program will include strength training, swing analysis, and personalized game analytics. This program is for teens who will play golf on their high school teams and will train them to play at the college level.

Adult Programs
We provide instruction for both women and men. Golf instruction will link closely to fitness training (core strength, range of motion, etc.) so the body is able to execute what the mind is learning. We’ll be working with you on the course as well as at the driving range and simulators.

Player Development

Diablo is committed to helping its members play their best round of golf ever so we have installed a golf simulator. This is a state-of-the-art training facility, enabling our golf pros to analyze your swing, fit you for clubs, and keep you limber during the rainy season. It's also the perfect place for a relaxing party, a team-building experience with colleagues or a causal and social experience with family or friends.

Practice Facilities

As part of the course renovations, we made many improvements to the existing practice areas. The tees were expanded to their maximum width to increase hitting areas and shifted back approximately 10-15 yards, adding depth. The greens and bunkers were rebuilt to be more representative of the course. The upper chipping green was greatly expanded to accommodate more golfers and to allow shots that more closely resemble those on the course. The practice tee on Hole 18 was expanded to more than three times its former size.

Our practice range is open daily from 7:00 am to one hour before sunset, so grab a stall of balls and come out swinging.


There is no end of fun to be had out on our course at all times of the year. We have tournaments for youth, seniors, men, women, couples, and families. All skill levels will find something they can participate in.

Private Instruction


Please contact any of our golf professionals and we can set up a private lesson for you:

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