The further back you can look,

the further forward you are likely to see.

The wisdom of Winston Churchill could not be more poignant for Diablo — for we now embark on polishing the jewel that is Diablo Country Club. We do so guided by our incomparable history and clear vision for the future, every step guided by the questions: How do we make it better? How do we enhance our membership experience? How do we assure that this club, now more than 100 years young, is vibrant, meaningful and rewarding?

Opportunity Awaits

Diablo is currently writing the first pages of its “second centennial” book. Just as the first 100 years created something new, unique and of long-lasting importance, so too is what is happening in the club today. In 1914, membership was about family, camaraderie, and an enjoyment of being outdoors and away from the busy and hectic pace of the city and work. These common elements have been at the heart of the club since its inception, and are being planned for, provided for and relied upon going forward.

The Diablo ideal endures, and membership is now being measured in generations, rather than years. Members are first drawn by the beauty, charm, tradition, facilities and legends of the club, but they remain because their family and friends remain. Joining the club today is a decisive step in providing for the family for generations to come.

Soon to be immeasurably better in every physical aspect, the Diablo experience will be richer and more fulfilling each and every day. The improvements to the club are historic milestones that will trigger substantial increases in our joining fees.

Today, the candidates invited to join us at Diablo will receive special and meaningful consideration. We invite you to consider this invitation and the lifetime value of membership, and of course, realize that this is the ideal time to call Diablo home. Said another way: This is the place. Now is the time.

Membership Levels


Club Membership

Includes the use of our swim, fitness, dining, & Kid’s Club services.  This membership entitles you to enjoy our exceptional and reasonably priced dining, prepared by Diablo Country Club’s Culinary Team six days a week and for social events. Members may also arrange for their own special functions.

Social + Tennis

Associate Membership

Offers all of the privileges of club membership plus tennis privileges, which include access to tennis facilities/equipment and all of the programs, leagues, clinics and social events planned by the Tennis Program. Plus, 12 rounds of golf per year at prevailing member guest fee.


Proprietary Membership

Enjoy all of the privileges of associate membership, plus full access to our outstanding golf course and its related facilities. Includes full equity and voting privileges.

Executive & Young

Professional Membership

Created to provide a gateway for younger golf members to experience Diablo. The program includes club financing and dues reductions. Applicants must be 39 years old or younger to qualify. This is a non-equity membership until the time you turn 40 years old.

Request Information

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about membership, or to schedule a tour of the facilities. Membership at Diablo Country Club is subject to admissions policy requirements as defined by the DCC Board of Directors. Please provide the following information below (Online Membership Inquiry) so that we can follow up on your interest and introduce you to the club.

Thank you,

Christina Lynch
Membership Director | 925.390.0172

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